Religious digital signage indoors.

By | August 3, 2014

Indoor religious digital signage.

From Churches, Worship Centers, Synagogues to Mosques, they all see the need for religious digital signage within the house of worship.

Considerations for religious digital signage use.

The congregation have to be respected, as some may not be too keep for the change, however if it is explained that the new signs allows the religious group to communicate with the community and the parishioners, this will certainly help. Some traditionalist worships will not like to see digital signage in the place of worship. Once the advantages are pointed out and that their part of the community will fully appreciate the interaction and updates on future events.

Religious digital signage hardware use.

Well this can be anything from floor standing kiosks, wall mounted interactive displays and outdoor LED monuments at the entrance to the place of worship. It really depends on budget and what the facility needs.

  • Do it need to inform the community of current and future events?
  • Are they fundraising and want to give updates regularly, ideal when used through the LED monument.
  • Inform the community where their donations have been pledged.

All this can be done for a very affordable price, with a fast ROI.

Case study for the use of religious digital signage.

One place of worship replaced their monthly magazine with 2 x 42″ wall mounted digital posters, but before they replaced the magazine with digital signs, they contacted the businesses that advertised locally and asked if they would be interested in upgrading their ads for the digital signs.

The Church charged $400 per year for local contractors, $700 per year for florists and $2000 per year for funeral directors. In less then 3 weeks the Church had 23 contractors, 4 florists and 3 undertakers all taken advertising spots. The hardware cost the Church $4,000 after our House of Worship discount, and in the following 12 months, they turned over $18,000, making a healthy $14,000 profit!

Benefits of religious digital signs.

The House of Worship, will see an increase in giving, they can show case how the worship center is helping the local community, with the giving. It can be used to celebrate name days, wedding and even announce funerals for members of the congregation. So everyone in the community knows what is happening at their center.

The solutions have to be easy to use, as most of these facilities do not have a dedicated IT person, this is why the USB solutions are ideal. You just create the content using free software online, then save it to a flash drive and put the drive into the media player. the new content then updates and displays automatically.

For more details on DOOH USA’s religious digital signage discount contact us toll free 1-888-460-3573.

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