Recessed TVs for Psychiatric & Behavioural Units

By | January 15, 2016

Recessed TV’s in Psychiatric Units.

ProEnc are the only company to offer a recessed TV for psychiatric units with a polycarbonate cover. The recessed TV enclosure has been developed over the past 12 months due to their huge success in supplying anti ligature TV enclosures across the world.

Why a recessed TV in a psych unit?

The truth is, a recessed TV in a psychiatric unit or behavioural unit is better off compared to anything surface mounted, as we are all aware, patient’s rooms and waiting rooms all have space limitations and if the void in the wall can be utilized, this is a god send! As it means that the protective housing can be flush mounted in the wall during construction.

The health care provider can rest assured that there is zero chance of anyone harming themselves on a recessed TV, compared to surface mounted enclosures. ProEnc are the only company to offer sloped sides on all surface mount enclosures, this was a stipulation when the design was submitted to the US Federal Mental Health Board that approved their design and makes their patent pending design the only one on the market that is a true anti ligature product.

recessed Tv in psychiatric & behavourial units

Now recessed TV’s in Psychiatric Units are a reality.

ProEnc’s latest design allows the installer to fit the recessed TV enclosure into wall voids in hospital environments, with their unique mounting system using just 8 fasteners. The main challenge for any recessed TV enclosure is the cooling, as most TV housings designed for hospital use are vented at either the side or bottom, but it is then a problem when fitted into a wall void, as the last thing you want is building dust in the housing, as this will damage the TV display.

ProEnc overcame this challenge with their unit venting from the front door, this is one reason the design has been submitted for an International patent that is currently pending.

Deploy recessed TV’s in any hospital including Psychiatric Units.

This unit design is only 7” deep and this allows for a perfect flush fit, once the main body is fitted into the void, with fasteners around the four edges. The TV is mounted on the ultra slim line mounting bracket, once the TV is positioned for the best angle the front door is fitted using the concealed hinges, with the cooling system connecting to the mains electrical supply, the TV housing can be locked with the 2 high security locks.

The front of the housing is flush with the front finished wall, so nothing can be looped around the housing, providing the best solution for patient safety, maximising hospital room sizes and providing a seamless look.

Sizes available.

The recessed TV enclosures for psychiatric units are available in the following sizes: 17” to 26” (code RE26), 27” to 36” (code RE36), 37” to 46” (code RE46) and 47” to 55” TV’s (code RE55).

If you would like to contact ProEnc to discuss your recessed TV enclosure requirement, call them today on (862) 234-5981 during office hours (9am to 5pm EST).