Recessed sunlight readable digital signage for outdoor advertising

By | June 24, 2015

Recessed sunlight readable digital signage solutions.

We manufacture the only recessed sunlight readable digital signage enclosure in the industry that allows business to build digital signage into the external building structure easily without cooling issues and maintenance access.

Sunlight readable digital signage options.

In the early days we manufactured both wall and floor mounted sunlight readable display enclosures that permitted organisations to use high bright displays outdoors in direct sunlight. Our protective housings have a sophisticated cooling system and fitted with air conditioning to ensure that the internal temperature ever gets to the dreaded 110F that kills normal commercial displays, the air conditioning unit comes in and cools the unit down quickly.

Sunlight readable digital signage is very affective and major brands have deployed these solutions in outdoor locations including Twin Peaks, Hooters and McDonald’s. These organisations understand that the advertising screens have to be seen all through the day, with special sunlight readable displays that are auto dimming provide the best solution as they self regulate to ensure the right brightness is achieved at any time of the day.

recessed sunlight readable digital signageSize of sunlight bright solutions.

The units comes in the following sizes, in both wall and floor mounted, 55”, 72”,80” and 85”. All units are fitted into a wall and sealed into the wall with front access to the display as well as inside the housing. They are equipped with our patent pending designed front cooling system that works in temperatures of up to 165F.

This is the only current recessed sunlight readable digital signage that can be used in any building structure. The usual problem as you can imagine is that the enclosure has to breath, but if the unit is built into a wall it can’t – there is no way for air to enter or exit the housing without filling the housing with masonry dust. Our unique design allows air into the housing and then exhaust from the AC is controlled out of the housing to ensure the environment with in the protective sunlight bright screen enclosure is kept at the right temperature throughout the day. Preventing damaging heat build up inside the enclosure.

Now sunlight bright displays can be installed outside casinos, shopping malls and even on pedestrian walkways. As our high bright display enclosures also provide anti vandal protection, something missing in the industry! Just think why would you want to put a $10,000 high bright display outdoors if the housing it is going in is not secure?

Having recently supplied the only 85” outdoor sunlight bright display enclosure on the market to a leading AV integrator, it is the main outdoor signage solution near the famous Sydney Opera House, if you are ever near there, check it out!

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