Rear Projector Screens For Digital Signage

By | April 27, 2010

Digital signage integrators are always looking and reviewing different solutions so they can then offer something “different” to their clients. Some are now looking at rear protection solutions for indoor digital signage.

Using a projector on to a screen is not new, however this technology has quickly advanced and is now a real alternative to an indoor video wall, perfect for locations where the solution has to be torn down after a few days and moved to another site.

With one solution provider they have created a fantastic product that is very flexible, it offers great colour saturation and provides images that are of a high quality and clarity with the anti glare finish.

rear protector screen

It is also compatible with LCD, DLP and LCOS and other types of projectors.

One main advantage against a convential video wall is the cost as this solution is around 30% of the deployment cost of a video wall, another advantage is that this solution can be made any length, to many 10’s of metres. They even offer 1 screen with multi touch facility and another solution that is 3D.

compare rear projector system

rear projector system for digital signage


High contract and vivid colour

Works well in bright areas

Presenters are not blinded by the projector

We at LCD Enclosure Global are sure we will be seeing this technology used for indoor digital signage in the very near future, it will work perfectly for exhibitions and shopping malls.

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