Realizing the Potential of Interactive Digital Signage

By | June 12, 2013

Growth In Interactive Digital Signage

Although digital signage is significantly on the increase and becoming common-place in our everyday lives, the potential of Interactive Digital Signage has yet to be achieved. As technology changes at an alarming rate, it is doubtful that we’ll ever catch up – just think about all the electronic changes that have occurred within the last decade.

It is forecast that globally, by 2016, there will be more than 3 million kiosks which will include Interactive Digital Signage screens. The original idea of replacing traditional static billboards – using paper and paste and a man up a ladder, has evolved into the electronic world of Interactive Digital Signage, where advertisements change within seconds and a whole series of ad. campaigns can be viewed by the passing public – obviously intentional! The demographics, culture and relevance to the locality will be measured before installing any form of Interactive Digital Signage – what may suit one location may not be as appropriate to another. Whether an Interactive Digital Signage screen is located indoors or outdoors is a factor in making the advertising campaign for maximum return on investment.

interactive digital signage

Interactive digital signage reduced queue time!

We find a variety of Interactive Digital Signage in all walks of life, some we are so similar with, we just take for granted, like; an airport check-in desk (no more queuing, self scanning cash tills at the supermarket and way finding touch screens in a shopping mall. It makes life so much easier and – my favorite part – eliminates the frustrating need for queuing!

Not only does Interactive Digital Signage suit the needs of the public, it also has a valid place in industries, where companies are seeking to reduce costs and are looking to improve customer service. This is achievable with Interactive Digital Signage, not only does it ‘look nice’, but it is functional and practical. Deciding where to locate a screen is a major consideration, as planning restrictions may have to be checked, particularly if a screen is to be placed on the outside of a building which is particularly old and therefore has a ‘listed’ status. There are ways and means of repositioning the screen to suit the client and the officials.

And the rest of the developing countries of the world are also interested in joining the digital signage world of technology. Whilst we think of 3rd World countries and their poor living conditions, in contrast some-one, some where is putting forward a proposal to install Interactive Digital Signage, which whilst the initial outlay costs are significant, before very long the expense will be repaid with new business bringing in sales.

Utilizing digital signage into Interactive Digital Signage or self service technology, as customers are eager to be self sufficient and find it more convenient to select a product or service for themselves. The public were skeptical at first of this new invention, where by touching the screen was an unusual and novel way to operate the electronic device, but within a short period of time, it is so familiar to use, we don’t give Interactive Digital Signage a second thought.

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