QSR Menu Boards Now Engaging With Mobile Devices

By | October 4, 2013

Mobile users and QSR menu boards.

Most of us, by now, have experienced a fast food restaurant with enticing images displayed on large screens above the service counter, but now QSR (quick serve restaurant) menu boards are engaging with mobile devices, so our hand held devices, like smart phones and electronic tablets are buzzing with deals, offers and promotions. Digital menu boards feature heavily for promotions in QSR’s as they can be timetabled to suit different meal times and fill-in times between. Not an inch, nor a minute is wasted and all of it goes towards those extra sales. LCD screens have statistical proof of increased profits, let’s face it, you don’t see the big chain restaurants taking their LCD display screens down and replacing them with the old traditional paper hoardings. Branded fast food chains are embracing this innovative form of advertising and are even upgrading to newer screens as they are developed. This expense can (allegedly) be written off against tax and is certainly an investment.

QSR menu boards

QSR menu boards.

Digital posters display their content in an imaginative way, bringing the food to life with color and size. Any configuration is possible for a tiled, thin bezel screen, such as a row of 3 screens spreading out an ad. campaign for a themed burger and milk shake. Similarly, the image on a mobile device is enticing and very appealing. This having a significant positive impact upon sales from DOOH advertising. Our smart phones and ipads are with us, as they are easily transportable and actually we are becoming dependent on them, but they are a new era platform for advertising.

Advantages of QSR menu boards:

  • Powerful marketing strategy to passers by
  • Recognizable corporate identity for customer retention
  • Saving printing costs, time and installation of the paper posters
  • A high percentage of in-store decision sales
  • Waiting times are lessened and ease of ordering for both customer and serve
QSR menu boards

QSR menu boards supplied by DOOH USA

Both digital posters and mobile enabled devices have the capability of exhibiting both text and images and can be either static or animated. It only seems recently that back lit static menu boxes were the norm, but technology has progressed so quickly to this revolutionary change. Predominantly QSR menu boards are to display your in-store marketing, however studies have should customer retention has considerably increased, as people make a mental note of brands logos and specific ads. This is clever marketing, as people react better to pictures, symbols and colors rather than just text. Changes to prices, available stock and promotions can all be changed in %