QSR Digital Signs

By | April 13, 2012

QSR digital signs – the choices.

QSR digital signs

Example of QSR digital signs

Quick Service Restaurants offer just that – grab a burger and eat! But advertising your menu and displaying the facts and figures is an enormous amount of data for the traditional printed board to cope with. QSR digital signs are specifically designed to efficiently provide all the prices, menu options and nutritional facts required by our food legislation. This legislation is due to increase soon – to included the ‘carbon footprint’ created by the production of the product – from where the meat is sourced, right though to how far the workers travel to the cardboard packaging plant, which manufactures the little boxes your burger is passed to you in.

QSR digital signs inform and educate.

QSR digital signs can also be utilized to promote merchandise as a specific and targeted audience is virtually captured within the food outlet, so maximizing the potential sales by up-selling and cross-selling is massively important. The software of QSR digital signs can be structured so that every minute of service time can be utilized efficiently and effectively. This means that even otherwise ‘dead’ periods of time can be productive and profitable by scheduling the advertising on a QSR digital sign to promote a special offer. Not a moment of time or inch of space is wasted – the whole all of the QSR board means money!

To use QSR digital signs or not?

It is not only fast food outlets who are taking advantage of this niche opportunity, but large hotel chains, have realized the missed sales chances, where their guests have ventured out of the hotel premises to grab a bite for breakfast. The FBT (frequent business traveler) or indeed the leisure traveler may decline the invitation to take breakfast in the hotels restaurant – which is great and enjoyable if one has time – yet most FBT’s are carrying around their laptops, working on the program for the day and just want a coffee and a snack, like a bagel, to go.

Alternatively a particular chain of hotels has conceived an concept to accommodate their guest by providing an area within the hotel lobby which, via the ingenuity of QSR digital signs, offers a swift breakfast menu choice, gives vital information – like traffic congestion, the possibility of storms or even events being hosted within the hotel complex. With the addition of a little advertising on the side, the whole package of a QSR digital sign is quite an appealing and attractive prospect for any discerning establishment.

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