Putting Anti Ligature TV Enclosures in Psychiatric Units

By | June 9, 2017

ProEnc’s ligature safe tv enclosures reported: Whilst being sectioned in a psychiatric unit is a safe environment for a vulnerable person, there are comforts and necessary equipment which form part of the environment, like television sets. These can cause a danger themselves, due to their shape and fixtures, therefore it is necessary to put ligature safe TV protection in psychiatric units.

ProEnc’s ligature-safe TV enclosures.

Weighing up the cost of either replacing television sets or the one-off cost of enclosing it in the first place, is quite obvious. As part of therapy, socialisation and entertainment, television is a crucial element of providing a safe environment. There are several options for anti-suicide TV enclosures on the market and of course, many feature on Google, but be warned as to what you are investing in. Full protection is an important health and safety concern for everyone – detainees, staff and visitors.

Inappropriate options for TV enclosures:

  • Wood – poor sound quality, very heavy and easily vandalise
  • Plastic – easily smashed which defeats the object of the exercise

The only suitable option is a metal enclosure, with sloping sides which is flush mounted to a wall. This therefore eliminates the obvious ligature points, where material, such as bed sheets, clothing or cables can be looped around, thus creating a noose. Ligatures work on for downward force of a heavy object (the weight of a body) cutting off the air and blood supply to vital organs.

A wooden enclosure will certainly protect a television screen, but it is most certainly not efficient; it not only absorbs sound, but aesthetically looks hideous too – a bulky cabinet, instead of a steam-lined sleek metal housing unit. And plastic shatters; of course this does depend on the thickness of the plastic sheet, and if anti-shatter and damage resistant perspex has been used. Again, it is no good cutting corners, this is just false economy and highly dangerous.

An unprotected TV monitor can be lethal, because of the potential harm it can cause. Shards of glass can become weapons to be used for self-harm, or to threaten a member of staff or visitor. However to combat this, the anti-suicide TV housings provide a clear impenetrable window, which does not distort, misrepresent or detract from the image being broadcast. Sound too is of top quality, as it is not distorted due to the side vented panels or even additional external speakers. Inaccessibility is the buzz word – this covers just about everything you could think of as potential harm to staff and psychiatric patients.

anti ligature tv enclosures

ProEnc anti suicide TV enclosures power access.

Power supply and linking cables again pose opportunities for self-harm, but again there is a solution by purchasing the steel anti ligature TV enclosure. All cables and connections are securely encased – away from harm. There are no ligature points.

Providing a safe environment makes for calm and stress-free surroundings, which is beneficial for patients and detainees throughout their care plan. A television can provide a vital link to the outside world, as well as provide relief to boredom, being therapeutic and be an educational tool, so if it is out of order, due to damage, there may be consequences and repercussions to deal with. Providing adequate protection to a television screen with safe guard the screen, hardware and people, in a comfortable environment.

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