Pubs now using Outdoor TV cabinets

By | October 26, 2009

With the credit crunch ever pub manager and owner has been wondering how to stay in business, with almost 5 pubs per day closing due to lack of customers. Now some ingenious people are looking to put outdoor TV systems in the smoking areas outdoors.

This way, they should keep customers longer and are likely to spend more and even buy food if they can watch TV whilst smoking, this was many a gripe 2 years ago when families went to gastro-pubs and people were smoking whilst you ate your meal. With the introduction of the smoking ban, smokers now have to go outdoors to a pre-defined area to smoke.

Outdoor smoking areas.
These outdoor smoking areas are very well set up, some even include heaters, benches and all they are missing is an outdoor TV system, and landlords who are ignoring this opportunity due to costs are doing themselves an injustice. The landlords who invest in this are by putting a standard TV into an outdoor TV cabinet and then customers who enjoy a cigarette whilst drinking a pint can watch their favourite team play football outdoors in the smoking area.

Placing a TV screen outdoors was thought to be insane without the correct protection, however these LCD TV cases are just the ticket, providing the perfect protection, without having to purchase an expensive outdoor LCD TV.

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