Proximity marketing uses in digital signage industry

By | February 27, 2012

Proximity marketing  and digital signage.

Today, people can observe lots of changes in the field of marketing as a result of proximity marketing, which is considered to be an innovative way of marketing that requires very little investment. This is very effective for companies to promote their business as proximity marketing distributes the advertising content to the Bluetooth device of individuals who are willing to receive them. It is also said to be a Bluetooth marketing solution that passes the message or advertising content on to the cell phone recipients from the companies server. This form of mobile phone marketing is implemented in some countries that are technologically advanced. In fact, this proves to be a cost effective cell phone marketing solution that brings a high ROI for the company.

Benefits of proximity marketing:

proximity marketing

proximity marketing hardware

There are unlimited benefits when using proximity marketing, which brought a revolution in the world of advertising and marketing. This Bluetooth advertising is useful for distribution advertisements to the mobile phones of people who are in a certain area. Installing the system of proximity marketing in public places will provide more benefits as it will cover many individuals with a Bluetooth device. This is a matter of very little investment for the hardware that sends messages out when it detects a Bluetooth signal that has been enabled, this is perfect for QSR’s that can advertise to passers by. This is the reason why proximity marketing is evolving to be a favorite marketing tool for every business organization as it not just improving the scope of marketing but also improving the image of the company with lower investment costs.

Increase profits through proximity marketing:

It is a fact that the profits of a company can be improved with the help of proximity marketing as it do not require huge marketing cost instead it just needs the hardware installing and configuring and the solution is ready to work. With this, a company will be marketing their message to thousands of potential people at a time that contributes to the improvement of sales for the company. Proximity marketing shows the variation compared to the traditional way of marketing. In fact, it is the cheapest way of marketing that companies could ever imagine. Proximity marketing is certainly going to create sensation in the field of marketing because of its cost effectiveness and scope of marketing. There is no doubt that the market share for any company using it will be increased with proximity marketing as it is advanced and reaches out to thousands of people every day.

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