Protecting Outdoor Displays at Airports

By | January 18, 2013

Learn how protecting outdoor displays pays off.

Protecting outdoor displays at airports requires the implementation of very strict and reliable measures. This is because most outdoor displays are very vulnerable to being destroyed, either partially or markedly. The importance of protecting digital signage on outdoor cannot be overemphasized. It is the latest way of displaying information to the public in a more dynamic and spectacular way. As such, the entire digital signage system is not cheap to install or let alone purchase. There is no company that can want to set up an outdoor digital signage display today, and then learn that it has been vandalized the following day.

Protecting outdoor displays using weatherproof LCD enclosures.

Protecting outdoor displays can be done in numerous ways. However, the most notable one is a LCD enclosure. This method of protecting the outdoor screens is based on the nature of the harm that is at the disposal of a particular outdoor digital signage display. The most common sources of harm for the outdoor digital signage displays are weather, people around the premises and any machinery nearby. Therefore, any measure that is aimed at protecting outdoor displays should take into account any or all of the aforementioned sources of harm in order to come up with the best and reliable protective tools for outdoor digital signage.

The best way of protecting outdoor displays.

protecting outdoor displays

LCD enclosures have remained the best means of protecting outdoor displays. There are many ways in which they can be made efficient to protect outdoor displays from just about any kind of harm. For example, there are high quality LCD enclosures that have been modified to protect the outdoor displays against weather conditions such as winter as well as other weather conditions, which can harm or reduce the efficiency of the outdoor displays. Currently, the most useful LCD enclosure is the Weatherproof LCD enclosure and the LCD enclosure for winter. This is because weather poses a huge threat to well being of any outdoor display.

Factors you should remember for protecting outdoor displays

When using a weatherproof LCD enclosure for protecting outdoor displays against harmful weather, a number of factors are taken into account. The most pertinent factor that is considered is the degree or extent of the harm that a particular kind of weather poses. This is very important because if the degree of the harm is overlooked, some weather conditions can harm the LCD even if they have been designed to protect it against such weather. As such, the worst case of weather conditions is taken into account when designing weatherproof LCD enclosures for protecting outdoor displays.

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