Protecting Against Industrial Hazards for Factory Computer Systems

By | March 1, 2014

How to Protect Factory Computer Systems and Employees in the Factory

Maintaining a safe environment for employees is paramount and this includes industrial hazards for computer hardware in factories. Many accidents are avoidable, but some are just that – accidental. Yet when something happens, although the safety of the staff is vital, untold damage and lost production causes major issues for the business.

Protecting Monitors for Factory Computer Systems

Protecting both your staff and expensive factory information system technology are equally important. All the wiring is securely out of sight housed within the PC enclosure, so there are no trip hazards to worry about, water ingress is guarded against to avoid electrocution and the factory computer protection – aka environmental enclosures, can be wall or ceiling mounted to avoid causing injury at eye level.

Easy Access to the Factory Computer Systems

Access and security are one of the FAQ which is simply answered; because of the specifically designed high security locks, we have confidence the enclosures can only be opened using the unique keys supplied, ensuring secure factory computer protection. Alternatively, when ordering, please ask for ‘keyed alike’, where a number of same keys are supplied for multiple units. As standard, 2 keys are supplied per PC enclosure.

Why protecting factory computer systems is essential?

Protecting the hardware used in any factory computer system is necessary, as most modern production facility will have computer controlled machinery, if the hardware fails this will impact on production and lost production will cost the company more money that it would in protecting the factory computer systems.

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factory computer systems

Maintaining a safe environment for employees is paramount and this includes industrial hazards for factory computer systems.

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