Protect Using Anti Ligature Prison Cell TV Enclosures

By | November 17, 2013

Self harm prevention using anti ligature prison cell TV enclosures.

Protect Using Anti Ligature Prison Cell TV Enclosures

Protect Using Anti Ligature Prison Cell TV Enclosures

Protect what – the detainee or the television set? Both of course. All over the world; every continent, every country, every state, has to address the issue of prisoners or detainees causing themselves deliberate self harm. Whether this is through depression, regret or other mental health issues, it is one for the medical experts to decide, however having access to a television set is one of almost a basic human right these days. Contact with the world outside is vital for maintaining a ‘normal’ life, all be it within a secure environment.

Why install anti ligature prison cell TV enclosures

If you take into account the many ways a prisoner or detainee can harm themselves, or someone else, minimizing the risk is essential. The way these jail TV enclosures are manufactured dramatically reduces potential harm. The sloping sides – on all 4; top, bottom and 2 side panels does not allow for any material to be looped around to create a noose. There was an incident, just recently, where an inmate hung themselves on a poorly designed enclosure; who’s at fault? Who’s going to face a court case? Another important feature is the thickness of the viewing window – a quarter inch piece of poly-carbonate ensures both security and damage can not occur. A shard of glass is a lethal weapon in the wrong hands and can also be a deadly accident if someone were to put a fist through the TV screen in a fit of temper.

Anti ligature or non loop housing units

Protective TV enclousres, also known as anti ligature or non loop housing units in detention centers are a cost effective compromise to allowing prisoners to watch television for entertainment, education and information. A standard television screen can be installed within the TV security enclosures and does not hinder a person from watching television, as the viewing window is clear, scratch resistant and virtually unbreakable if something like a fire extinguisher or a chair is thrown at it. An internal mounting frame is fitted to ensure the television screen is securely in place, as the enclosure is mounted directly to the wall. Preventing self harm to a detainee is a duty of care for the jail governor and staff.

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 DOOH US have Mental Health Federal Approval for their patented design that prevents self harm by using an anti ligature prison cell TV enclosure.