ProEnc’s suicide resistant sloped TV enclosure

By | April 17, 2016

ProEnc’s suicide resistant sloped TV enclosure.

ProEnc’s suicide resistant sloped TV enclosure range are world renowned for their robustness in mental health hospitals, used to eliminate potential suicide incidents from psychiatric unit patients.

suicide resistant sloped tv enclosure comparison

ProEnc’s self-harm resistant TV enclosure.

ProEnc have invested over 7 years in design and development into their suicide resistant sloped TV enclosures, their design is currently patent pending. But you have to ask what is so special about this protective housing?

  • The protective housings has 4 sloped sides, eliminates anyone wrapping material around any of the joints in the design to form a loop for hanging.
  • High security locks fitted as standard.
  • 3/8” thick viewing window – thickest in the industry!
  • Thermostatic cooling system
  • Vented audio door.
  • Anti fluid pour.

The protective TV enclosure has been designed to withstand most physical attacks using items found inside a psychiatric unit, to ensure that the unit stands up to the most aggressive attacks. In the video below, you see a simulation of a chair being thrown at the front of the TV case. As a comparison to show how robust our white steel enclosure is, we compared it to a competitors unit that is more costly and comes with less standard components.

Who ProEnc supply.

ProEnc supply many of the leading hospitals and health care facilities in the world, including have contracts with the UK NHS and several rolling contracts with leading American hospitals. Our units are specified through a network of architects who are consulted regarding the best solutions for suicide resistant products, the ProEnc suicide resistant sloped TV housing being one.

We also work through a group of resellers, if you would wish to make an inquiry about joining our list of approved resellers, please visit our contact us page.

Why protective TV enclosures in psychiatric units?

The patients in these facilities are there for a reason, that being they are prone and likely to self-harm, in some cases they are certain to try to commit suicide. These suicide restistant TV enclosures are deployed in mental hospitals to prevent the patients from harming themselves, as it is almost impossible to harm yourself on a ProEnc suicide resistant sloped TV enclosure.

  • ProEnc’s solution, stops anyone from strangling themselves, by preventing material looping around the case.
    • There are no sharp corners if the patient decided to run into the unit with their head.
  • The flat panel TV cannot be accessed, due to the high security locks, to be damaged or used as a lethal weapon.
  • The rear television mount cannot be accessed to loop material around, due to the unit being fully enclosed.
  • The cables cannot be accessed to loop around the neck, as they are fed into the housing through a large cable access panel.
  • If fluid is poured into the housing, through any of the openings, the fluid is directed away from any electronics.
  • No vents on the unit can be used to loop material or steel coat hangers.

You can call ProEnc on (862)234-5981 to discuss your needs for a suicide resistant sloped TV enclosure.