ProEnc’s Outdoor Projector Enclosures

ProEnc is the ultimate in outdoor projector enclosures; discover why your outdoor installation needs a ProEnc.


Outdoor AV installations.

Normally projectors are used in outdoor AV events and as you can imagine currently there are no dedicated outdoor projectors manufactured. If there was, they would be very expensive. This is the opportunity ProEnc spotted 3 years ago and using their vast experience of making outdoor enclosures for all types of electronic manufacturers from Samsung to Alcatel and BT.

So what are the issues with putting a projector outside?

  1.  A projector is not waterproof
  2.  They can easily be stolen
  3. They need protection from the sun

So let’s look at #1 and 3.

ProEncs outdoor projector enclosures

Weatherproof projector enclosures.

In 2014 ProEnc designed and over 6 months developed their range of outdoor projector enclosures, these are NEMA 4X standard and can even be hosed down with a high pressure water jet. Inside the projector case a sophisticated heating and cooling system is supplied as standard, so the user sets the internal thermostats to the desired locations ideal temperature and the projector hardware is perfect to run unattended. Making this ProEnc’s environmental projector box and prevents the bulb overheating and blowing, resulting in high maintenance costs.

Now let us look at issue #2.

ProEnc’s secure outdoor projector enclosures.

When you are investing heavily into electronic hardware, you have to be certain that the investment is protected in some way. You would not want to invest say $2,000 in a projector and find it is stolen then next day. This is why electronic manufacturers ensure projects to ProEnc as a typical outdoor housing can be protecting hardware with a value of $150,000, ProEnc’s security is second to no other competitor due to ProEnc’s patented design and use of high security locks.

Made from thick steel, the outdoor projector enclosures are designed to withstand the most persistent attack from a would be thief, the housing is designed to be bolted down and the only access is via the door that is secured with 2 high security locks that bolt into the body of the housings.

What’s included in ProEnc’s outdoor projector enclosures

  • Quick access door – fully removable for maintenance
  • Internal shelf
  • Thermostatic cooling and heating system for temperatures -30 to 140F
  • 2 high security locks
  • Concealed hinges
  • Plenums
  • Virtually unbreakable viewing window
  • Cable access panel
  • Filtered airflow

ProEnc’s Outdoor projector enclosures warranty.

All this is backed by ProEnc’s warranty that is for 3 years on the enclosure and 2 years on the electronics. ProEnc have been manufacturing enclosures for the past 23 years so you can rest assured the product you get from ProEnc is the best on the market, at the most cost effective price.

If you have any questions or a project in mind for outdoor projector enclosures, contact ProEnc on 862-234-5981 and we will glad assist. Made in the USA.