ProEnc’s Ligature Resistant Display Enclosures Deployment

By | March 22, 2017

Revolutionary Ligature Resistant Display Enclosures from ProEnc

Proenc are the world’s leading manufacturer of ligature resistant display enclosures that are deployed across the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. What makes ProEnc’s behavioural health TV cases different is that the patent pending design has been developed with 7 consulting architects who advise the US mental health department over a period of 18 months.

The design has several unique features including:

  • The only 1 to have sloping sides on all sides, preventing any looping of material for self-harm.
  • The ligature resistant display housings are made from solid steel with the thickest viewing window in the industry – this prevents patients or prisoners from smashing the display and using it as a weapon on fellow patients or prisoners or even nursing staff.
  • Audio panel to let the display sound exit the enclosure.
Ligature Resistant Display Enclosures

Recent destructrive test of Ligature Resistant Display Enclosures

Who installs ProEnc’s ligature resistant display enclosures?

  • ProEnc have supplied health care facilities as well as prisons with their protective behavioural display enclosures across very state in America, Canada and Australia.
  • ProEnc also work alongside architects on new builds, renovation’s and refits, they also work with construction companies who are connected to a new build or refit.
  • From juvenile detention centers to death row, from psychiatric day centers to seclusion rooms ProEnc’s ligature resistant display enclosures have been successfully deployed.

What advantage does a ProEnc ligature resistant display enclosure offer?

Apart from being bulletproof, the nursing or jail staff can put the patients into a general room with a TV for some social interaction, without having to watch them constantly. This frees nursing staff up to deal with patients who have immediate requirements.

Ligature Resistant Display Enclosures

Sizes of ProEnc’s ligature resistant display cabinets are

  • NL26 for displays 17” to 26” ideal for indivdual patient rooms.
  • NL36 for displays 27” to 36” ideal for shared patient rooms.
  • NL46 for displays 37” to 46” ideal for general areas.
  • NL55 for displays 47” to 55” ideal for general areas.
  • NL65 for displays 56” to 65” ideal for large general areas.

Should have a requirement that is a little special, why not contact ProEnc on (862) 234-5981 to discuss your unique project and to s if ProEnc can provide the best product at the best price for your application.

What to look out for in a ligature resistant display housing.

We have looked what some manufactures call ligature resistant and we have put out a data sheet on what customers need to know before they make the wrong buying decision and purchase a product that will actually harm a patient or prisoner, resulting in a law suit against the facility.

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