ProEnc’s Drive Thru Menu Boards

By | July 13, 2017

Are there coffee shop drive thru menu boards in your neighborhood?

These are so convenient; you don’t even need to leave your vehicle to get a coffee. We have come to expect this technology and it is no surprise really as convenience is something we have become accustomed to. In some circumstances it is enjoyable to be waited on at a table, but we have really busy lives where time is a luxury. So grabbing a coffee on the way to a meeting is handy at a coffee shop drive thru. But there is a drive thru for almost everything – certainly a drive thru wedding, funeral, grocery shopping, car wash, court appearance and bank ATM… whatever next?

Drive Thru Menu Boards

It is especially handy if there are speakers attached to the menu boards, as your order can be taken and a piping hot coffee with a fresh muffin is ready and waiting for you to collect at the next window. There is nothing complicated or ambiguous about using a drive thru menu board and just as it is easy to read, it is easy to set up, update and requires very little interference once installed. Another benefit is the electronic hardware is very reliable and can be ‘fixed’ remotely depending on the network connectivity, rather than sending an engineer to site, which can cause longer down time.

Drive thru menu boards are practical and aesthetically pleasing in both day light and in the dark. The illumination is clear and bright and displays the content perfectly. The content is just as important as the electronic hardware itself. It can be created in house, depending on how competent the design staff are, but there are many professional content creators who can supply your menu board information. Corporate colors, logos and images are easily imported within the design which can also be linked between coffee shop franchises and associated businesses. There is also the cost of purchasing a menu board against the employment and subsequent costs of hiring extra staff. It also means staff can be deployed elsewhere in the coffee shop.

Installing drive thru menu boards.

As long as there is an electrical power supply directly to a menu board, indoor or outdoors, the install should be straight forward. Most premises do not need planning permission from the authorities, however there may be some exclusions, like mounting a menu board onto an old building. These boards can withstand fairly excessive abuse, like car doors and fenders hitting them along the drive thru lane. They are also robust enough to deter vandalism and accidental damage, as well as standing up to most weather conditions. The units are sealed against moisture, dust and insect ingress, as well as having a thermostatically controlled heating and/or cooling system. Although technology is moving on at such a rate, these menu boards should last effectively for a number of years, making then a good investment.

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