Proenc’s Ceiling Mounted TV Enclosure for Correctional and Psychiatric Facilities

By | September 15, 2020

Proenc launched their ceiling mounted anti ligature TV enclosure back in April 2020, when a client needed a secure solution for correctional and psychiatric facility applications.

Proenc designed the enclosure to accommodate TV screens from 26 inch up to 36 inches for a specific project, the design was approved and the prototype was supplied for evaluation. The client approved the initial design and the 130 enclosures were then put into production.

Due to quantity, Proenc did not want to flood the receiving dock with enclosures, so a stage delivery was scheduled and completed within 3 weeks. The CMNL36 is now a stock item and ready to ship.

The unit as per Proenc’s normal high standards, comes complete with;

• an internal TV bracket
• thermostatic cooling
• 2 x high security door locks
• the viewing window is the thickest in the industry, ensuring that should anything be thrown at the enclosure, the TV inside will remain protected and safe.
• designed so material cannot be looked around the enclosure, preventing self-harm.

ceiling mounted TV enclosure

As the CMNL36 is ceiling mounted, all the cables enter the enclosure through a massive cable access panel in the top of the enclosure, which is then secured to the ceiling and the hardware fitted.

Applications for the Proenc’s ceiling mounted TV enclosure.

These can be located in the centre of psychiatric wards, or even correctional facilities. Providing patients and inmates with news updates about the facility without taking any valuable wall space up.

No having to rerun power cables down walls, as the enclosures can mount directly to a ceiling.

Proenc are looking into the market to see if there is high demand for their new product and if there is, the enclosure will then be available in different sizes throughout their range of enclosures. Covering every TV size from 17 inches to 65 inches.

If you would like more details about Proenc’s ceiling mounted TV enclosure please contact them directly on (862) 234-5981.