ProEnc’s Behavioral Health TV Enclosures Winning Contracts Across America

By | May 23, 2017

Behavioral Health TV Enclosures by ProEnc

ProEnc’s Behavioral Health TV Enclosures are the ultimate in patient and staff protection and in a range of sizes to accommodate flat screen TV’s from 17 to 65 inches.

ProEnc are the originator of the anti ligature TV enclosure, having worked with leading architects who advise the American government on what products to use when building or expanding a behavioral facility. Constantly ProEnc’s protective housings are used to safeguard the nursing staff and the patients.

Behavioral Health TV Enclosures

Proenc’s recent wins include 3 projects each needing 25 enclosures for 2 behavioral units and 1 jail. These wins came in the month of April 2017. Now the NL26 is the most popular protective housing for both correctional and behavioral units.

Why ProEnc’s behavorial health TV enclosures are in demand.

ProEnc invested over 18 months time developing the unit so a standard product would work in 99% of applications. It is clear from our competitors offerings that they do not have any approval, which is concerning!

Some of ProEnc’s rivals make their enclosures with vents on the side that a patient could insert a safety pin or paper clip and loop material from this point-resulting in death.

Some others offer inferior plastic panel boxes that when you put the aluminum frame together it snaps even using the tools provided. Then during a physical attack the thin plastic panels smash and form jagged knife like weapons that can be used by frustrated patients on other patients or indeed on the nursing staff at the facility.

Now ProEnc’s solution is made from solid steel, the access door is secured with 2 high security locks, now compare this to the cam and compression locks others fit their enclosures with-which are cheap, low cost and most concerning insecure. As you can open these with a toothbrush!

ProEnc’s Behavorial unit flat panel TV enclosures are fitted with the thickest material 1/4″ for hospital applications and 3/8″ for Behavorial units.

ProEnc’s solution also includes a thermostatic cooling system and an internal TV bracket that will take screens with the following VESA pattern 75 x 75, 100 x 100, 400 x 200, 200 x 200 and 600 x 400.

How do the services get into the housing?

If these are fed on the surface of the wall, these are ligature points too! So all power and data is fed through a large cutout in the rear of the enclosure and the opening can easily fit a double electrical socket.

ProEnc’s range includes:

  • NL26 for flat screen TV’s from 17″ to 26″
  • NL36 for flat screen TV’s from 27″ to 36″
  • NL46 for flat screen TV’s from 37″ to 46″
  • NL55 for flat screen TV’s from 47″ to 55″
  • NL65 for flat screen TV’s from 56″ to 65″

ProEnc also offer a full range of fully recessed enclosures when surface mounted enclosures are not an option.

ProEnc have a regular stock of behavorial health TV enclosures with current discounts also available, so call them today and benefit with one of the prestigious manufacturer of behavorial health tv enclosures.