ProEnc Recessed Anti Ligature TV Enclosure; Why This Is The Best Solution

By | November 3, 2016

Safeguarding patients with a ProEnc recessed anti ligature TV enclosure

Creating a safe environment for mental health and high risk detainees is paramount to a life or death situation. This may sound drastic, but the reality is clear and statistics show the number of deaths by suicide whilst in a detention centre or care facility. Along with anti ligature furniture, including beds, shelves, taps and even door locks, televisions are notorious for creating ligature points.

One way to avoid injury or even death by strangulation on a television set, is to recess the TV within the wall, whilst it is in an anti ligature TV enclosure – which also guards against damage to the TV itself, a broken screen or creating a ligature from the cables. It is the only safe way to ensure no harm comes to patients or staff within the facility. Creating a recess looks aesthetically pleasing and is practical in comfort rooms and private healthcare environments. Safety in hospitals, prisons, immigration centers and even war veteran community living care centers, is a duty of care which can not be ignored. The design of the furniture, structure of the day and entertainment facilities have all to be risk assessed and recorded to be safe for use – either supervised or unsupervised. Anything less is tantamount to a death sentence. Prevention is better than cure and it is only a matter of considering all angles and possibilities for self harm for vulnerable people. Activity and comfort rooms should be a safe place for detainees to relax in whilst watching television programs or playing interactive video games. This is where patients tend to spend most of their free time, yet with minimal supervision, therefore putting this area at greatest risk.

ProEnc recessed anti ligature TV enclosure

ProEnc recessed anti ligature TV enclosure

As the ProEnc anti-ligature TV enclosure is recessed, it further reduces potential risks, as the cables and electrical wiring is safely hidden away and can not be damaged, used as a ligature point or vandalized. The same can be said for the radius corners, where material can not snag on the the 90 degree angles due to the design of the housing unit and the protective viewing window allows for a very good quality picture, yet will not shatter and create yet more potential self harm, suicide and injury issues. Cleaning a TV enclosure is even easier than cleaning a standard TV set, as there are less gaps, apertures and exposed parts where dust, sticky fingers and bacteria can cause problems. An enclosure also reduces down time, due to misuse, vandalism and accidental damage.

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