Preventing Outdoor Digital Signage Hardware Failure

By | January 10, 2013

Preventing outdoor digital signage hardware failure.

Outdoor digital signage hardware failure is a common occurrence that can slow down your business and decrease your return on investment. On the bigger note, installation of an outdoor digital signage can be a costly affair, and frequent break down can cost you dear. It is in your best interest to protect your outdoor digital screens from external factors that can interfere with the proper functioning of the LCD screens. With more and more organizations opting for digital signage for promoting their services and products they have realized that they also need to protect these valuable gadgets from getting damage by various factors like temperature, dust, water and vandalism. No doubt, most companies that have digital signage installed on the high streets or in front of the stores also have LCD enclosure to ensure the maximum service and minimum breakdown.

outdoor digital signage hardware failure

Common reasons behind an Outdoor digital signage hardware failure.

Climatic changes that ultimately lead to drastic alteration in the temperature and moisture content can affect the LCD screens dramatically. Arrangements should be made to protect them from fluctuating temperatures by placing them within a heated LCD enclosure or a cooled LCD enclosure. These LCD enclosures can regulate temperatures and insulate important parts of the hardware from getting damaged. Excess heat during summer months can damage electronic devises as they themselves tend to generate heat due during their operation. The heat generated must be expelled way from the gadget so that it does not over heat. Summer months can be difficult and the screen might stop working unless you have arranged for a weather-proof heated LCD enclosure. During winter the opposite happens, with dropping temperatures and sun freezing weather conditions LCD screens stop working unless there are some heating equipment attached with the LCD enclosure.

Outdoor digital signage hardware failure and its follow up.

Screens designed for outdoor purpose have to be protected with proper protective cases to protect commercial grade screens from outdoor digital signage hardware failure. With readily available services for repair and maintenance outdoor digital signage hardware failure can be corrected promptly. There are cold cathode fluorescent lamps, which can stop working due to factors like weather and other mechanical faults, but providing a digital signage enclosure with proper back-up facilities can ensure your digital screens works fine under most harsh weather conditions. With built-in temperature regulators these LCD enclosure with thermostat can help your digital screen function normally throughout the year. Another reason for installing protective enclosures to prevent outdoor digital signage hardware failure is by installation of shatter proof screens to protect it from vandalism and deliberate attacks.

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