Portrait TV Housing Used in Outdoor Advertising.

By | June 10, 2013

Portrait TV Housing Used in Outdoor Advertising.

A Portrait TV housing unit is one of the best methods in which the screen and the hardware of commercial grade televisions, that are used in digital signage, can be protected. There are some types of enclosures that are made by people to protect the TV for their homes (outdoor backyards). These are (inadequate) simple ones that are hand made by the owners of the televisions. Where as, when there are many digital screens being used for advertisements, it is important that they are protected in a high quality customized housing unit, that will provide the best protection to the screens. A portrait TV housing enclosure is the best method in which the portrait orientation of the screen will be protected against vandalism or the weather. The reason for this is that there are other kinds of landscape televisions that are also used by the advertisers, though landscape screens are not as commonly used, they are suitable for some specific locations, but the portrait televisions are the ones that are much more commonly used by advertising companies.

portrait TV housing

The use of the portrait TV housing.

1. Digital signage housing provides excellent protection: If there is one type of comprehensive protection for the outdoor and indoor television sets, then it is through the use of the housing unit that is specifically made for these digital screens. There are many places where televisions with flat screens are being used for advertising and other similar purposes. When these commercial grade televisions are used, there is a high risk of damage to them because they are generally placed in areas where a lot of people walk about, so vandals or thieves may attempt to damage the screens and the portrait TV housing unit is the best method of preventing such damage to the televisions. Additionally, the housing will also protect the televisions from any other natural damages too. The weather can be very harsh at times and the wind, sun, rain can all cause damage to the electronic parts of the digital display. So, the right kind of housing is used to prevent damage from all these problems.

2. Portrait TV housing placed outdoors: An outdoor digital signage housing unit, that encloses a portrait positioned television is one that is very effective because of the fact that they are sealed and secure and do not allow any one to tamper with the screens. These housings are completely tamper proof. No one will be able to cause any kind of damage to the television or the other electronic hardware that is used in the digital signage display.

3. Best methods of protecting digital signage hardware outdoors: A portrait TV housing is the best method in which digital signs can be protected if they are oriented in a portrait style. The screens are completely safe because of the high quality materials that are used to protect them. Other than the screens, the highly tough materials that are used in the creation of the housing will prevent any tampering by vandals protecting the hardware in every aspect. So, the portrait TV housing is the best method of protecting a portrait digital signage which is to be used either outdoors or indoors.

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