Plasma TV Cabinet – Home And Commercial Applications

By | January 21, 2011

Plasma TV Cabinet – Commercial Use.

With the development of plasma TV technology, these screens are much thinner than their previous counterparts, some are as thin as a box of matches and create a lot less heat than the earlier flat screens.

Now with this advancement comes a reduction in prices, as the manufacturers want to get as many plasma screen TVs out on the market before the 3D TV revolution takes off, personally we think this will be some time off yet.

With the screen being so thin, this makes them the perfect partner for outdoor digital signage installations, as these fit nice and easily into a plasma TV cabinet, the units for their competitors the LCD and LED screens are called LCD enclosures and LED enclosures.

Most of the new thin plasma sets come with HDMI, RJ45 and USB connectors perfect for connecting up and creating a digital signage solution.

One of the main restriction is that standard domestic screens can be mounted in landscape position so if you needed to mount the screen in portrait you would have to consider a commercial grade screen as there is no way you can change the orientation of the picture on a home based television.

Unfortunately a commercial plasma screen will be more expensive but it is designed to run 24×7, 365 days of the year and commercial grade screens usually come with a guarantee of an average of 50,000 hours use.

Plasma TV Cabinet – Home Use.

plasma tv cabinet

When people decide to update their home TV from the old rear protector or CRT model, their first look into the flat screen sector is at either plasma or LCD TV sets, but by far plasma technology has caught up with LCD and now in our experience a plasma television is a better buy in some instances depending upon the manufacturer of the display.

With the prices being so low, home owners are deciding to install these on their deck or patio so they can fully enjoy the outdoor lifestyle they demand, but remember you need to protect them from the weather and other potential dangers. .

On a recent family vacation to North Carolina we hired a private lake home and on the deck over looking the lake was a TV, obviously the unit was protected but in a wooden cabinet and when we tried to switch the TV on it would not work, so we got hold of the caretaker who told us the family that owned the house had run the TV for 3 months until the water got into the wooden box and ruined the TV.

The problem was that the cabinet was made from a porous material – wood, this was the downfall.

Remember that you need to have a steel plasma TV cabinet that is lockable, this way water will not soak into the housing through the material and the lock prevents an un-authorised access and hopefully stops vandalism and theft.

Then you need to consider how the screen is to be mounted and where to mount it.

LCD Enclosure Global manufacture a range of both LCD enclosure and plasma TV cabinet for outdoor protection for both home and business use.