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By | June 8, 2010

Plasma lift cabinets are becoming increasingly popular, due to the amount of space we lack within our homes, now there is a cost effective solution.

Now no matter where you live, you can have a large format TV hidden away in our plasma TV lift cabinet, this unit can either be manufactured for wood or form steel for industrial applications.

The television lifting mechanism will accommodate screens with the following VESA mounts:

  • 75x75mm
  • 100 x 100mm
  • 200 x 100mm

This unit is bolted into the case and then when the control is activated, the lid rises and the TV glides elegantly out of the cabinet.

plasma lift cabinetplasma tv cabinet

This plasma tv lift will take screens up to 46” and can even be integrated in to the base of beds, so when you are in bed, you can watch the TV.

Perfect for concealing TV sets and making rooms look much larger than they are, using the lift mechanism, you can even alter the angle of the screen without getting up out of your seat, just by using the remote control. The unit only uses 30 Watts power consumption so your little piece of luxury does not cost the environment or the planet.

These cabinets are perfect for board rooms, homes and even outdoors, one company actually supplies a ceiling descending mount, where by a flap in the ceiling releases and the TV set descending into the view of the waiting public.

A lift cabinet is similar to an LCD enclosure with the built in TV lift mechanism, this allows for the TV to be put outdoors near your pool, spa or outdoor kitchen. Solutions are available for screens up to 70”so that you can enjoy your time outdoors in your garden. This is one way your neighbours will be envious of you and your new outdoor living area.

wooden cabinet plasma lift

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