Plasma display enclosure used to attract passing trade for the Olympics

By | April 23, 2012

Plasma display enclosure – 101.

A plasma display enclosures is something that you would not associate with attracting passing trade into a company, yet many organizations that are on major transit routes for the London 2012 Olympics are investing in this type of solution.

What is a plasma display enclosure?

plasma display enclosure

Dual plasma display enclosure

These are steel protective housings that provide 24×7 protection from the rain, snow and sunshine, whilst the plasma display runs different types of adverts on the display.

These plasma display enclosure solutions have been deployed in many locations throughout the world, but due to the low investment of this type of outdoor digital signage solution it is very popular along the transit route from the train, tube and bus routes throughout London to the Olympic Park.

Why use a plasma display enclosure?

The organizations using these outdoor TV enclosures are using them to market their products, so for instance a London pub may want to promote “Olde English” beer, now they can by using a plasma display enclosure that has a plasma display and a media player inside the enclosure providing a complete all in one advertising solution. Likewise, restaurants are using theses outdoor digital signage solutions to display their menu to passers-by, targeting the passing trade with their tempting menu options.

Now one of the main factors in deploying plasma display enclosure systems is that the weather in London can be very unpredictable, even in August is rains! So these protective plasma display enclosures are fitted with internal heating and cooling systems that are thermostatically controlled, ensuring the hardware inside the housing is at the ideal temperature.

RIO and a plasma display enclosure.

Now the pubs have calculated that if they can attract an additional 15% of tourists into their establishments over the period of the Olympics and Paralympics the ROI will be achieved in the first 2 weeks of deploying these type of solution.

Restaurants that normally do 30 covers per night can push that to 45 covers, their return on investment is less than 10 working days.

There is another option too, with this type of digital advertising, the owners of the pubs and restaurants can sell advertising space to other local (noncompeting companies) for around £200 per month for the duration of August and September, the average media player can store over 250 adverts with an average running time of 4 minutes. So if a pub or restaurant sells say 50 ads at £200 = £10,000 per month! £20,000 for the entire months of August and September and this is with doing little if any work.

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