Overcoming Cinema Digital Advertising Challenges

By | March 30, 2010

The first digital signage company became involved with the cinema scene in 2007 with its initial LCD display selection and development of that product. Eventually it became more involved in the entire digital advertising scope of work given its capabilities and awareness of the focus required to manage a successful project.

Prior to the involvement of such media focused companies, kiosks were installed and maintained by various vendors and the servicing levels were inconsistent. Specialist companies became the key contact for all service issues by aggregating critical information from installers and other vendors into a Web portal. This opportunity enabled users to identify asset tags, service repair records and the installation status on all displays. Asset markings on all products helped track their location and maintenance analyses.

Using a Web portal enables a 24×7 online support services package that is offered with most display packages. Involvement on the front end is vital too. A key specialist team conducted an onsite survey which analyzed theaters, entryways, concession stands, and other public areas to determine the best locations and positioning opportunities. Once sites were selected and the right services and products identified, all technical analyses information on kiosks and their positioning was relayed, through the Web portal, to installers. This process enabled technicians to reference critical information while installing and or servicing kiosks at movie theaters.

Customized software can be professionally installed on media players, then delivered and staged for each location’s requirements. In addition, the service team may create an instruction manual that enables technicians at different sites to standardize the kiosk installation processes. Updates on installation and servicing are electronically emailed from this portal to sales and installation teams. A specialist movie theatre signage team will service maintenance requests, and provided daily status report updates via the customer specific Web portal. Post-installation, customer satisfaction surveys may also be collated and submitted to the theater management. By gathering intelligence, analyses and the demographics, on theater clients and kiosk performance and by standardizing installation and maintenance procedures, it enables the client to save on operation costs.

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