Outside TV Systems – Will You Be Watching The World Cup In Your Back Yard?

By | March 15, 2010

This year is full of sporting events and there is no better place to watch them other than your own back yard with a beer in your hand. But understanding how to set up an outside TV system is essential.

We are hoping for a fantastic summer, so let us be ever the optimist: for any outdoor TV system you need a pair of speakers, a television and a connection to your set top box, no matter who your television supplier is. Let us take each one and see what is needed.

Outdoor speakers.
There are some fantastic outdoor and all weather speakers and the best part about it is, most of them are wireless so you don’t have miles of trailing wires every where. They have a receiver and sender that connects to the television via the rear connectors and the audio is transmitted via the sender to the speakers providing a surround sound experience.

Securing the speakers.
If you intend on leaving them out all season, there are several ways in which you can secure them so they do not get taken by any unwelcome visitors to your back yard. The first option is to bolt them down through the base of the speakers to decking and the like, the second option is to hang them from an awning or pergola with chain that is padlocked into position or the last option is to take them in the house every night, with them being wireless this is perfect.

In our next article we will look how at the television choices available to us.

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