Outside TV System – Perfect for Watching The TV in Your Back Yard

By | March 16, 2010

An outside TV system is essential if you to take advantage of the sporting highlights that will be on the television during the summer months.

We have previously looked at outdoor speakers and how they work for most convenience, as I am sure you don’t want to spend too long setting them up – do you?

So after you have planned the location where you will be putting your chiller cabinet with your beer in it, the next most important is which TV and how you are going to fix it outdoors.

Choosing a television.
If money is no object you might want to go to online and order a fully weatherproof television set, these range from $7,000 upwards, but if like 99.9% of people who are looking to put a TV outdoors, you want something a little more cost effective.

You will have several choices to from whether an LCD or plasma screen is best – this is a personal choice so only you can answer this question, then you will have to decide on what size of screen to get – anything going outdoors ideally has to be larger than 42” and up to 60” but again this will come down to budget.

The best location to install a television outdoors is in a shaded area, otherwise you will struggle to see the screen in direct sunlight, unless you buy a sunlight readable screen these again can become expensive.

Why a shaded area, well apart from being able to see the action on the TV, you don’t want to be cooled in the sun do you?

You can mount the new screen directly to a wall via a rear mounting bracket, make sure it is at the right height and the right distance from where you intend on sitting.

Securing the TV.
Now if you one of the multitude who cant afford a weatherproof enclosure, you may wish to consider purchasing an outdoor TV system enclosure, this is an enclosure that the TV is mounted in to it and the television is protected from the weather, no matter what nature throws at it as well as protecting it from theft. Another option would be to remove the television from the mount and put it in the house for protection from theft.

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