Outside protection for LCD & Plasma TVs

By | September 8, 2009

With the huge increase in sales of LCD and plasma TV’s, more and more people are putting their TV’s from the home into the garden near their pool or hot tub. However we must no forget that these are not the same commercial displays used in outdoor digital signage.

The main challenge with putting any electronics outside is the need for protection, the commerical LCD and plasmas used for digital signage are waterproof, however they are not vandalproof or theft proof.

When putting a TV outdoors you must ensure that the display has adequate LCD waterproof protection, without this will result in a costly repair.

The TV that is placed outdoors needs to be prtoected from freezing temperatures to blistering heat, so the ideal solution is an outdoor LCD enclosure, these offer the relevant protection, both NEMA 4X (US standard) and IP65 (European standard). This was the outdoor digital signage is protected from the weather, potential vandals and theft.