Outdoor TV Systems – Make For A Perfect Summer of Sport

By | March 18, 2010

Outdoor TV systems are a must have for this summers sports fixtures from soccer, cricket, motor racing and even cricket, if you are not planning to watch these events in your back yard or beer garden, you should be ashamed of yourself.

So ok, if you have been with us on the trek through the last two articles you will know that we have looked at outdoor speakers and the choices involved with the television itself, as well as securing them from theft and the weather with a weatherproof LCD enclosure. Now we turn our attention to the actual television connection and getting from the house to the garden.

TV signal Connection.
In your home you will have either a set top box from Sky or whoever supplies you with this service, from this box you will have to extend the signal to the location outside in your back yard. There are two types hard wired and wireless.

Hard wired solutions.
The first one is hard wired, this will involve running a signal cable from the set top box to your TV outside, the main thing to remember is that you must put the cable in some conduit, dig a trench in your garden and put the conduit and cable into the ditch and backfill it. This will prevent beloved pets from chewing the cable, or you cutting the cable when you do any gardening.

Wireless solution.
With wireless technology becoming ever so much more available the price has started to drop dramatically, putting it within reach of everyone – financially. They comprise of two parts the receiver and sender, the sender is connected to the set top box and the receiver is connected to the scart connection of the television set outdoors. Then you are set to go.

We hope this has been helpful and remember the sun screen – have a good summer.

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