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By | November 12, 2009

With the old Cathode Ray Tube television sets been made redundant and being replaced with plasma and LCD televisions it gives a more aesthetically pleasing as they fit nicely on walls or can even be hung from ceilings.

With this new revolution, we at LCD Enclosure Global have seen a huge growth where customers are installing LCD TV’s outdoors. As we are viewing our gardens as extensions of our internal space of our home and therefore want to extend our home.

Now the problem with putting any electronic item outdoors, is that is need to consider protecting LCD’s from the weather elements if you don’t you will end up spending a lot more money on replacing the TV whilst also protecting it.

An outdoor LCD TV needs to be protected from theft and vandalism, as the weather is not the only issue with an outside TV system as people are sure to hear you celebrating and once they hear the TV, they will be round to see if they can steal the TV, the only option is to purchase an LCD enclosure that will protect your outdoor TV entertainment system.

The best enclosures are manufactured from steel, as these can be fully welded and offer the best possible protection for any outdoor use, thus protecting your investment in your outdoor home cinema. They need to be either NEMA 4X or the European standard IP65 to water ingress. You should also consider heating the enclosure if it outdoors all year round, there are various heating solutinos however it is best to use one that is thermostatically controlled.

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