Outdoor TV Cases Working In Outdoor Kitchens

By | May 18, 2010

What is best about the summer? Is it spending time and food with the people you think the most of? If it is, why not make it more comfortable by entertaining the children?

I for one know when we get the January I know it will only be a matter of a few months until I can spend some extended time with my family and to me there is nothing better than spending time with my loved ones. Now we can really enjoy the summer by utilising an outside kitchen.

The best outdoor kitchen I have seen was a neighbours and he had a huge grill that ran for 10 feet that also have a refrigerator and an ice section built into the work top along with a sink unit, the appliances were made from stainless steel and from May till October this was left out and believe me it was well used.

Just after the Holidays I got talking to him regarding the summer and he told me his plans, to put a large television outside near his outside kitchen, the reason (and yes I bought in to it), was that if the grandchildren are occupied the adults have a more pleasurable time, then when the children go in for a nap the parents can watch the game.

What a fantastic idea or is it a dream? You get to eat good food and share it with the ones you love, what more can a man ask for apart from viewing the game at the same time. Now dreaming is a reality, but there are a limited number of options.

The first is an outdoor waterproof television, but now due to the football tournament (FIFA World Cup) the demand for these outdoor televisions globally has outstripped stock and the wholesalers and retailers are not likely to get new stock until mid July when the summer will be half over.

The second option is to put a standard LCD TV into an outdoor LCD enclosure, these boxes are thermostatically controlled ensuring the internal temperature is maintained no matter what the outdoor temperature is.

Or the third choice is to deploy an outdoor home cinema in your backyard but this will depend upon the size and space you have available in your backyard.

LCD Enclosure Global manufacture outdoor LCD enclosures for screens from 17″ to 80″, these are perfect for home, outdoor kitchens as well as outdoor digital signage.

LCD Enclosure Global – anything else is a compromise.