Outdoor TV Cabinets for TV protection

By | November 20, 2009

There are many types of protective TV cases, including dust proof LCD enclosures, waterproof LCD enclosures and weatherproof LCD enclosures but they are all for different uses.

Dust proof LCD enclosures.
These are normally used in factories were there is a large dust or carbon presence in the air, this type of protective case are classed as IP56 (European Standards). This case has a specially designed filtered fan unit that that filters out all harmful air bourn particles whilst the air inside the unit is cool and clean of any hazards that may effect the flat panel display.

Waterproof LCD enclosures.
This protective case is designed to prevent water ingress into the unit whilst ensuring the flat panel display is kept cool and free from any moisture. The have a classification of IP65, which has been tested under strict conditions with a high pressure water jet, normally supplied with a cooling fan unit. These are used in wash down areas within factories, normally associated with the food industry for hygiene.

Weatherproof LCD enclosures.
This unit is designed to IP65 (European standard) and NEMA 4X (US standard) and used to prevent either the LCD or plasma display from failing, as this unit is fitted with both a cooling fan and a thermostatically controlled heater. The thermostat is essential as it is set to the required internal temperature then when the internal temperature drops or rises the cooler or heater automatically cuts in, ensuring the internal temperature is at the perfect temperature. These are used for digital signage applications or people who are looking to install an outdoor home cinema.

All these units offer different protection, some for indoor use and some for outdoor use.

LCD Enclosures Global specialise in manufacturing outdoor TV cabinets for TV protection as well as waterproof LCD enclosures, these are supplied throughout the world to digital signage installers.

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