Outdoor TV boxes – Improving Sales & Lowers Overheads

By | November 26, 2009

In addition to increased sales digital outdoor kiosks are used to reduce staffing costs, businesses have been able to cut staffing costs by the deployment of interactive digital signage.

The main noticeable benefit of self-service is that companies can provide faster service through the redistribution of manpower. Staff members can be re-assigned from checkouts to food preparation; this ensures that the staff get the food out quicker which results in a better customer experience.

Offsetting outdoor digital signage costs.
When deploying outdoor digital signage, no matter if you are using an LCD TV and an all weather TV enclosure, also known as outdoor TV boxes) or a touch screen kiosk these can be used to realise new revenue streams.

Companies that deploy digital signage systems find a faster return on investment, by offering advertising as part of their self-service solution. Companies find these systems can be used as virtual billboards that are used to promote speciality products and services.

American consumers have highlighted a number of reasons they have accepted self-service kiosks. The main point was convenience, then timesaving and thirdly simplicity of use.

Please note; although digital signage can produce some fantastic results, they also prove disastrous should the digital outdoor signage system be deployed without adequate planning. In some cases the signage system has caused frustration with the customer due to poor planning and the customer is driven away.

So if you plan carefully your outdoor digital signage campaign will be a success, but you have to pay special attention to the content you will be using.

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