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By | November 24, 2009

Long life and low maintenance are the key points to any successful signage deployment, and you may be aware that deploying outdoor TV boxes has it’s own set of obstacles.

Whilst most current outdoor TV boxes are designed to hold up in the most hostile of environments, there are six elements of deploying indoor or outdoor signage solutions before they commit to the project.

1. Vendor – Ensure the vendor you select provides a solid mechanical hardware design that includes minimum downtime with ease of maintenance
2. Software– Know what front end software you require and the computer system requirements that the software needs so you can run the application trouble free.
3. Integration – Confirm that the back end software can be integrated to meet your needs, ensure it ties up with your business system, encrypt customer data and has some form of security features that prevents hacking. Check if the back end will allow global updates, so you can make multiple changes at one time.
4. Installation – Make sure the contract contains installation and start up services that include proper and complete installation services for the outdoor TV box to include power and data connections. Research and find out if the outdoor TV box needs power either delivered from the ceiling, through the wall or from the floor before the installers get to site.
5. Monitoring – Remote monitoring should be included that will allow the “heartbeat” of the signage solution to be monitored or pinged form a remote location to immediately report pending problems.
6. Service & Support – Ensure the vendor provides service and support within a reasonable time frame, from 4 to 24 hours.

These 6 considerations are set out so that your outdoor TV box deployment projects are a success, god luck.

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