Outdoor Television Protection

By | October 29, 2009

When installing a TV outdoors in your backyard, you have to be mindful of the location where to locate the TV, you could put it in a high risk area and it could get stolen, or if you just mount it on the wall, you will find it will get damaged with the weather.

For an LCD to function outdoors, it has to have the protection it might have in a home, as a standard TV is not compatible with working outdoors without any protection.

There are several options for outdoor TV cabinets that are manufactured from steel as these offer the best protection from the weather and vandalism. Another option is to buy an outdoor LCD TV, these have an integral housing however they do cost many thousands of dollars making them a very expensive alternative.

If you are looking for a cost effective way for an outdoor TV solution, an LCD enclosure for outdoor use is perfect, as they are manufactured from steel and to the US standard NEMA 4X and the European standard IP65.