Outdoor Screen Enclosure – Were to use them?

By | April 6, 2012

Outdoor screen enclosure.

An outdoor screen enclosure is used for protecting outdoor digital signage and is not to be mistaken with a mesh curtain around a pool in your backyard. But an outdoor screen enclosure can protect a TV by the pool and hot tubs.

Home use for an outdoor screen enclosure.

As we work harder and value our free time highly, we are rewarding ourselves with luxuries such as swimming pools and hot tubs in our backyards, but even more people are installing a TV outdoors so they can watch it from the comfort of the hot tub or pool.

Now the problem we have is a regular screen that has been manufactured for home use is not made to be put outdoors without any protection, this is why a steel outdoor screen enclosure is required as they provide the protection needed to deal with all kinds of weather and even potential theft.

Many outdoor screen enclosure manufacturers fit standard compression cam locks on their products however the only problem is that any basic tool such as a screw driver or knife can open these locks, the better outdoor screen enclosure units are locked with high security locks that can only be opened with a key.

Each unit has ideally to be mount flat to the wall preventing any would be thief from using the gap between the enclosure and the bracket to pries the enclosure with the screen inside from the wall using a steel pipe and stealing both the screen and the enclosure.

Digital signage using an outdoor screen enclosure.

outdoor screen enclosure

Landscape outdoor screen enclosure

Businesses are now looking at different ways to market their company and using digital signage outdoors is one way, from parking lots to outside shopping malls these protecting housings are being installed to protect the hardware used for displaying the ads on the digital signage.

Now these units are available in both landscape screen position as well as a portrait screen position, allowing the hardware of commercial grade screens that are designed for indoor use to be used outdoors, providing a cost effective outdoor digital signage enclosure.

What is included in an outdoor screen enclosure?

These steel protective housings come complete as mentioned previously with 2 high security door locks, an internal flat TV mount with space for an internal media player or small factor computer. The screen is viewed through a toughened, safety glass window that has an anti-reflective coating to eliminate reflections on the screen. Each unit is fitted with an internal heating and cooling system that will cope with the most demanding and challenging locations from sub-zero Canada to super-hot Texas in the summer.

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