Outdoor Projector Enclosure – Your Insurance Policy

By | April 28, 2016

Outdoor Projector Enclosures By ProEnc.

ProEnc’s outdoor projector enclosures are used all over the world to protect the projector hardware against the weather and other potential hazzards.

Following the 6 steps for success in the infographic below will take any risk out of your commercial or residential installation. It’s as though the projector housing is your insurance policy against damae and theft.

These protective housings are ideal for installations when water, hail and even snow is expected to fall, we all know how the world’s weather has been unpredictable recently. One minute lovely and warm, the next snowing, these protective cases allows anyone to put hardware outdoors in all weather, that would otherwise be impossible without the protective housing.

Installers and DIY homeowners can now take up the opportunity to install an outdoor home cinema in their backyard or in a house of worship. No matter what you intend on using the projector for, ProEnc have the answer for your outdoor challenge.

Are you up for a challenge from ProEnc?

If you are looking for an environmental case for your projector, contact us and let us beat the prices you have been quoted. You willb e getting a better quality product at a more affordable price. Ensuring the buyer gets the best deal possible.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What happens if the unprotected projector is stolen?
  • What happens to the hardware if it’s suddenly rains?
  • Are you ready for losing money on the investment into the project?

Then all you need to do is follow the 6 keys to success for installing projectors outside.

6 Keys to Success for Outdoor Projector Enclosures

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