Outdoor Projector Enclosure – Protecting Projectors Used In Outdoor Digital Signage

By | January 21, 2014

Outdoor projector enclosure- affordable outdoor advertising.

Outdoor projector enclosure solutions are a new solution, due to the projector technology developing so fast and becoming an affordable alternative to outdoor advertising.




Projector used in digital signage


Protection offered by an outdoor projector enclosure.

Many organizations are using high lumen projectors, as high as 13500 lumen as the NEC PH1400u, these organizations are investing as much as $60,000 on each projector, so it it understandable they want and need to protect their investment. Hence the need for a projector enclosure.

One project in for the London Underground using the above NEC projectors in a double formation on the curved wall of the Tube, this allows them to advertise products and services to tourists and commuters every day.

Another project is in Oregon were a contemporary office block has deployed projectors to provide a cost effective digital advertising solution. The owners of the Guild Building have been looking at the traditional type of outdoor digital signage for some time, however they found the LED based technology extremely expensive. Knowing they did not have sufficient budget but realizing they also needed to increase the foot fall and in turn increase the businesses revenue within the center.

The dual projector solution was used to promote seminars, future events as well as weather information.

Now, can you imagine installing a projector outdoors (building to building) without protecting the investment for the projectors? The project would certainly not leave the planning stage, as this would leave the projectors vulnerable and therefore outdoor projector protection is essential.

ProEnc USA offer outdoor projector environmental enclosures.



outdoor projector enclosure

Protective outdoor projector housing from ProEnc USA

With over 20+ years manufacturing protective housings for electronics, such as computers, printers, monitors and 5 years ago created their world renowned range of digital signage enclosures for either LED, LCD or plasma displays. They have now developed a range protective projector housings that can be installed in any weather condition from 160F to -22F and comes as standard with their high security locking system and virtually unbreakable viewing window. DOOH’s outdoor projector enclosure is designed to last, so the hardware can be updated in the future without having to purchase another protective housing, this is backed by their 7 year warranty.

This product has been designed with input from one of the leading AV installers who partners with DOOH USA and the outdoor projector enclosure is designed and built with the ultimate protection in mind as well as ease of installation, this will make the unit a very cost effective solution to the market.

Contact ProEnc USA on 862-234-5981 to discuss your outdoor projector enclosure project.