Projector enclosure

Outdoor projector enclosure – 24×7 protection.

As a leading manufacturer of protective housings, we have developed a solution for outdoor projector protection. Our outdoor projector enclosure protects against the weather, theft and vandalism. Manufactured in the USA, our products come with the high 7 year warranty on the enclosure and 3 years on the internal cooling and heating system to ensure years of protection is achieved.

Why protect projectors?

You may wonder why people want to protect their projectors, can they not just put the hardware outdoors and it will run fine? It may the first or second time, however the more times the hardware is exposed to outdoor elements the geater the risk of damage to the hardware and that means replacement.

Some people want to enjoy their time away from work to the max, others may want to be the envy of the neighbourhood, so installing a projector in a backyard may the way to do this. Remember the projector is a pricey piece of hardware and if moisture gets in to the workings, this can be a real problem.

Moving away from a residential outdoor movie theater, event organizers are using projectors for video mapping and using high end, expensive hardware that does need protecting, this is why they put a call in to us!

Our protective housings come with:

  • Protecting projectors in outdoor use
  • Outdoor projector digital advertising
  • Cost effective, all in one solution
  • Ready to use straight out the box
outdoor projector enclosure

Protective outdoor projector housing from ProEnc USA

  • Optical TG Lens window
  • Thermostatic heating system to -32F
  • Thermostatic cooling system to 140F
  • 2 high security locks
  • Closed cell waterproof gasket
  • Cable access

Construction of our projector housing.

These outdoor protective housings have been developed using our 20+ years of manufacturing experience, so your investment is safe with us. Made from sheet steel, welded for maximum strength and the access door secured with high security locks that are pick proof. The lens window is optically toughened glass, so the best image is projected on to any building, screen or wall.

The protective outdoor projector casing will accommodate most sizes of projectors, up to and including 7000 lumens, for larger lumen projectors we offer a custom housing solution, at an affordable price. The protective, outdoor housings can be mounted directly to ceilings, ceiling mounts or pole mounts.

Which projector will fit?

You have to ask yourself 3 questions that will affect which projector you use: What time of day will it be when you use the projector? As the daylight will affect the brightness of the projector, the size of the screen and ratio (4:3,16:9 or 16:10) and finally, how far will the projector be placed away from the screen (called throw distance). When you know these answers, then just contact us and we will advise what projector would fit your application, we also supply projectors to compliment the solution.

Recap on ProEnc outdoor projector cases.

The outdoor projector enclosure from ProEnc USA is the only secure solution on the market, there are no optional extras, as everything is included except the projector! Just wire the projector into the outdoor projector enclosure and away you go! Simple as that!

Material for the housings.

They are also available in stainless steel for beach or coastal applications, these prevent corrosion and protect the projector hardware for even longer, even from Mother Nature.

We have over 20 years manufacturing experience in the field of protective housings for electronics in hostile environments, contact them on (862) 234-5981 to discuss your outdoor projector protection.