Outdoor Portrait Digital Signage Solutions

By | July 29, 2013

Outdoor Portrait Digital Signage Uses.

Portrait digital signage displays can now be seen in stores, theatres, government offices, museums and other establishments, as they can be used for advertising and marketing. But while these systems are durable, they still need protection. There are many solutions available, but LCD enclosures are the most popular right now due to their versatility and affordability.

Why You Need a Portrait Digital Signage Enclosure

portrait digital signage

A portrait digital signage will provide the screen with the protection it needs while still affording a good view and without losing any of its aesthetic appeal. Also, vandal proof LCD enclosures are not just durable but they also have keyed locks to keep intruders at bay.

Because outdoor digital signage screens are vulnerable to temperature changes, enclosures have a cooling fan that keeps the internal temperature suitable for the system. Without this protection, the digital signage, even if it is high quality, will not last.

An outdoor digital signage protection is mandatory if you are going to install the system in an environment where it will be exposed to a lot of people, i.e., an educational environment or shopping centre. Any piece of technology that will be used frequently has to be durable and equipped with some sort of protection. Even if the portrait digital signage is positioned where damage and wear and tear can be minimized, an enclosure is still the means by which you can best prolong its life.

On the average the life span of a portrait digital signage is about eight years, but with the proper enclosure solution it can be much longer. It is for this reason that classrooms with digital signage screens use enclosures, as it reduces the chances of a student accidentally bumping the screen.

How to Choose an Enclosure for Your Portrait Digital Signage

If you’re looking for a portrait digital signage enclosure, you will find many available on the Internet. When choosing, remember that the unit must be easy to set up, and it should allow for easy screen replacements. The reason this is important is it will allow you to upgrade your signage without needing to upgrade the protective digital signage housings too.

When looking for a portrait digital signage solution, it isn’t just the material that matters, but you also need to consider where you intend to position the unit. In fact, where you place the display can dictate the type of protection you need. If it’s going to be outdoors it has to be weatherproof and waterproof. If the system will be stored in a traffic-heavy outdoor location, the enclosure has to be dust proof. If you’re going to set the screen in a place where it might get wet or dirty, the enclosure has to be washable. If your main concern is the screen getting bumped, a high end LCD enclosure will be required.

The enclosure must also seal the screens within so it is shielded from heavy rainfall, particle ingress, collisions and bumps. Different types of materials are used but the most reliable are those made of stainless steel and industrial metals. These types of enclosures are often used in laboratories and educational facilities, but if you’re going to use the portrait digital signage in a shopping center or similar environment, toughened glass will be sufficient.

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