Outdoor LCD Enclosures – Weatherproof Protection

By | November 10, 2010

Outdoor LCD Enclosures – The Ultimate in Weatherproof Protection

Outdoor LCD enclosures provide the most sophisticated weatherproof protection, enabling any company to deploy digital signage outdoors, now let us look at the digital signage hardware that is used.

Equipment used in outdoor digital signage.

Display and media player.

For a successful campaign you need to have the correct hardware, so first off is the screen, this can be either an LCD or plasma screen, a device to store the adverts on, this can be a standalone media player that uses memory cards to store the media on, or a wireless media player that is updated remotely using the Internet.

Media updating.

One of the main challenges is how to update the adverts on the displays. For single advertising displays or basic digital signage, a memory card device can be used, if the updates have to be controlled from a remote office, a wired solution is more stable but it does have its drawbacks, such as installation costs. Were as a wireless solution is cheaper to install but can loose connection over a much shorter distance.

The connection normally depends on how many screens are being deployed in the signage network, how far the main server is or the access point for the wireless solution, if over 150 feet, a wired connection would be better for faster streaming video.

lcd enclosures

LCD Enclosures.

Weatherproof LCD enclosures would be used if the climate is hot or extremely cold, these casings create the perfect interior climate for the hardware, so that the hardware does not over heat and in turn the digital signage hardware fails.

Interior protection also includes air conditioning units that can be remotely monitored so in the unlikely event that the temperature inside of the enclosure rises sharply the system informs the audio visual administrator of the issue and he can even increase the cooling in the LCD enclosures remotely.

Layout of the digital advertising medium can either be a full screen or the screen can be zoned, so for instance a zone can have a static image, whilst weather and news bulletins are broadcast in the ticker at the bottom of the screen, the main centre zone features the promotional video for the product or service that is being advertised.

Due to the flexibility, simplicity and versatility of digital outdoor signage it is quickly becoming prevalent throughout our shopping malls and outdoor areas outside of businesses that are marketing their products. The day has gone for the printed poster as with all technology as new models are released the costs of the LCD screens will certainly fall, making outdoor digital signage affordable for everyone.

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