Outdoor LCD Enclosure or Outdoor kiosk?

By | November 23, 2009

Outdoor LCD enclosures or outdoor kiosks will make you outdoor digital signage campaign a success, the choice is yours so you can decide which is best?

Before you invest any of your dollars in a digital signage system, you will want assurances that the system will generate a positive Return On Investment, otherwise it is not worth the time.

LCD outdoor enclosure.
Now an outdoor LCD enclosure is designed specifically for protecting flat panel displays such as plasma or LCD panels in hostile outdoor areas, these are normally non touch, so the consumer experience is limited to the compelling content that is delivered to the display. The viewing window can be supplied with an anti glare window and can be fitted with a touch screen film if needed. These do provide a cost effective solution and puts outdoor digital signage in the reach of almost every business owner in the world.

Outdoor Kiosk.
Cost is a huge aspect when selecting a digital signage solution, but an outdoor kiosk can be used as a self-service kiosk these can increase customer satisfaction whilst engaging customers and are used to cross sell and up sell. We all know a happy customer is a customer who spends more money.

A kiosk normally comprises of a touch screen LCD that is mounted into the “head” of the kiosk, the computer is then mounted in the “body” of the kiosk along with the data and power connections. These normally cost more to manufacture as there are more high end components.

Now the choice is yours, depending upon your requirements go and make your digital signage solution work.

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