Outdoor LCD enclosure – Used in Factories Too

By | August 30, 2010

Our outdoor LCD enclosure was primary designed and developed for the outdoor digital signage market, however more and more organisations are seeking to use large flat panel TV’s in manufacturing facilities – Why?

We all have need for information in this “must have it now” world, this is why digital signage in outdoor locations has taken off so well helped by the increase of aps from Apple and other mobile device vendors. But now companies see that they can use large TVs in manufacturing facilities to assist the production team in organising their day and monitoring production.

We all know that an outdoor LCD enclosure is perfect for protecting dynamic signage outdoors, especially with the protection from the climate and potential vandal risk, however a factory or manufacturing environment is a total different ball park, as there are many different types of hazards that will kill the screen just like a vandal hitting an unprotected screen with a baseball bat.

Factory use for our outdoor LCD enclosure.

When a business invests into a data capture solution for the factory production it is not entered into lightly, as the financial costs are high as well as the time and effort planning and deploying a system is also time consuming.

But installing a standard screen unprotected is foolish, this is why the sigma six team or manufacturing information system management team insist that the electronic hardware that is used in a factory is protected. The plant may use corrosive coolants in the production of their products such as in a steel plant, or the production floor may be cleaned every night or at the start of every shift by a mixture of chemical cleaner such as a diluted bleach and water, fed through a high pressure water jetting machine.

As you can see from these two examples, both are hostile and both will affect the internal components of the computer hardware, so by fitting the hardware into an LCD enclosure these provide protection from fluid and dust ingress as well as protecting the factory investment in the project.

LCD Enclosure Global have a vast knowledge and experience manufacturing protective enclosures, their range of LCD enclosure is supplied to many top level integrators throughout the world, for outdoor digital signage and at the same time to major manufacturing companies for factory information system protection.

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