Outdoor Digital Signage – Virtual Tourist Information

By | October 22, 2010

A Touch Screen Digital Display is a very useful tool in the leisure industry particularly for Tourist Information.  Not only does it give the basic points of interest, but it is interactive and can pinpoint and highlight specific areas of interest and significance.  This has advanced a long way since the days of a paper map.

These screens can be found integrated within the windows of the local Tourist Information office juxtaposition of the town, where customers can find their own way around by just touching the screen or special film using their finger or a stylus provided.  The benefit of this can be to gather more information than by asking the staff.  It is also possible to have the specific information sent directly to a mobile phone device, to enable the customer to enjoy the sightseeing tour with access to other points of interest along the route.

Marketing companies have also thought of this strategy for advertising, for example, a restaurant offering a discount during the lunch time service sends out an email or message via blue tooth, enticing the passing customer to visit their establishment.

The electronic displays themselves can provide supplementary revenue by hosting a number of advertisements in conjunction with the Tourist Information, like hotel accommodation, shopping promotions and additional tours (like river punting or a ghost tour).

This form of communication for the city visitor is as exciting as it is practical, technology knows no bounds and is certainly a huge leap forward, and the only problem is keeping up with the evolving technology!

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