Outdoor Digital Signage Totem Units for Airports

By | May 31, 2012

Outdoor digital signage totem applications.

Outdoor digital signage totem units for airports are basically used to provide attractive adverts to customers as well as prospects. Outdoor digital signage is a big market and yet growing day by day. A digital signage totem can be easily updated via internet, though it can be done manually as well, but that needs a lot of efforts so as to reach out to all those outdoor locations where the boards are placed, and then go and manually update them with the help of a USB device. Outdoor digital signage totem is deployed in airports so to present important information on it.

Many corporate market their brands using outdoor digital signage totem units for airports where they get an easy access to big company executives thus making their product branding very effective. These digital signage totems use high-definition digital format of picture and thus prove to be very attractive and seek attention of the visitors.

Use of Outdoor Digital Signage Totem Units for Airports

Outdoor digital signage totem units can be seen at airports to provide information about flights to passengers. They also display information about the food court as well as various facilities available on the airport. Different airlines put adverts on the digital signage totems about their ongoing promotional offers which might make sense to someone who missed a flight and the like.

Consumers can correlate when it is all on a display with great videos, they would know they have a lounge for example or a café to go to during lunch so on and so forth. Thus it makes life a lot easier for the passengers. If you go to a new city, these Outdoor digital signage totem units at airports help a big deal to get you to the right hotel.

Use of Portrait Flat Panel Enclosures As Outdoor Digital Signage Totem Units.

outdoor digital signage totem

Portrait flat panel enclosures are best for using as boards full of information or even as displays for advertising. They can be very well positioned at the eye level and that is the reason they make an ideal fit for use as advert display. These Portrait flat panel enclosures can handle temperatures anywhere from 30 degrees to 55 degrees and thus offer a use for security displays.

Flat panel enclosure does a lot of protection against physical impact, extreme temperatures, small particles as well as dust, electrical surges, and rainfall and not to forget theft thus giving some peace of mind.

Outdoor digital signage totem units for airports are thus the best option to display information important to airport staff as well as passengers on the airport.

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