Outdoor digital signage totem

By | June 13, 2011

Outdoor digital signage totem deployed for outdoor courtyards

When outdoor digital signage is considered, many integrators need a wall to mount the digital signage hardware on as well as the LCD enclosure, but one of the main challenges is when the client insists that the installation has be in a high traffic area that is in an open courtyard.

This calls for an expensive kiosk solution, now LCD Enclosure Global Ltd have developed a solution that allows any integrator to deploy an outdoor digital signage solution in areas that are open to the elements. Their outdoor digital signage totem will take almost all screens 46” and 47” and is designed to run all year through, even in temperatures form -25 degrees Celcius.

The unit has been designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing unit, that will both enhance any businesses image as well as building customer loyalty allowing the owner to deploy outdoor digital signage campaigns throughout the year.

Outdoor digital signage totem installations are becoming more popular in locations such as football stadiums, colleges and shopping malls.

The units are available in either non touch or touch screen, adding an extra dimension to a digital signage campaign enabling interaction with customers. The screens are an industry standard to protect the hardware from vandalism and the base bolts to the floor.

Outdoor digital signage totem.

outdoor digital signage totem

LCD Enclosure Global Limited are a leading manufacturer of LCD enclosures, these units now have a floor standing solution – the outdoor digital signage totem.