Outdoor digital signage security tips

By | November 26, 2010

Outdoor digital signage – security tips.

Outdoor digital signage signage is rapidly changing into the main solution in the in the open marketing industry. LCD Televisions that are employed for outside digital advertising are now getting fitted in most retail locations, in car lots for the shopping centers and malls, to ferry ports.

One of the main forces for the occurence of dynamic outdoor marketing performance is that it is the top rated technique for influencing clients buying selections over digital signage that is deployed in inside sites.

Like any project, an outdoor digital signage venture has to be planned and pre-planning is important. From the spot were the signage is fitted, if the display is not observed it will touch the project from day one.

Subsequent, you have to consider the environment, as in the open digital advertising is being rolled out into areas from Paris in Europe to Texas in America, so as you can appreciate, each situation has unique standards for safety from the damp weather of Europe to the high temperature of Texas, now let us look at other facets of the outdoor digital marketing project, so you can get it right straight off the bat.

Outdoor digital signage – potential issues.

Climate – When setting up and fitting outside digital signage, each site is specific, so you have to evaluate what protection your devices needs, so you have to think about a weatherproof LCD enclosure as these protect the inner devices from snow to rain. These television casings transform a common LCD screen into a weatherproof outdoor LCD.

Dust and sand – now these can lead to all types of trouble to the inner hardware, harzardous particles such as sand can cause the hardware or equipment to overheat and fail. So if the LCD enclosure does not have a filter installed that can be cleaned regularly you may have a possible issue as these risky particles can cause the filter to clog and over a short period of time killing the hardware.

Due to the international market, an LCD enclosure has to be fitted with some kind of thermal management solution, as the conditions in summer are fairly various from the climate in winter. The best choice is an LCD enclosure that is fitted with thermal controllers including air conditioning units and heaters for the winter, these deliver a solution that will cover a climate range from -30 to 150 Fahrenheit.

Power of the Sun – this is one element constantly overlooked when fitting outdoor digital marketing. The sun due to its strength can make the image look unclear and tough to see, the sun can also cause the TV to overheat and in the end fail. So the TVs sets need to be of either sun bright or at the very least have a high screen brightness.

Vandalism defense – Vandalism is accountable for 23% of out of doors electronic marketing projects failing, to avoid this many contractors look to fit or deploy an outdoor LCD enclosure that is made from steel.

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