Outdoor digital signage screens used at ferry terminals and libraries.

By | February 20, 2013

Ideas for Outdoor digital Signage Screens

Outdoor digital signage screens are being used for many years however due to the cost-effective nature of these electronic products and many other organizations by using these to promote their business or services.

Case studies for outdoor digital signage screens.

outdoor digital signage screens

The Staten Island ferry that connects Staten Island to Manhattan decided to replace printed posters with outdoor digital signage screens, these were to inform communities of any delays or destruction is to the journey to and from work in Manhattan, New York.

They trialled a 42 inch outdoor digital signage screen that was also used to provide advertising to waiting passengers, promoting various restaurants and bars in the local area. This also had a positive side effect of providing time warping, this is when people are in a queue for saying 15 minutes and are being entertained, the wait feels much shorter say 5 minutes, this makes it more positive commute to work and back home again.

The trial was so successful be deployed a further eight outdoor digital signage screens around both terminals, as well as the is there also a installed a large LED video wall that is used to market local property development on Staten Island.

The state library in Philadelphia wanted to inform more people of the events that happened within the library. They used in 32 inch outdoor digital signage screen and as well as displaying the opening hours, they also displayed information on the exhibitions they hosted as well as the menu for the onsite cafeteria. Again this was found so attractive that the library purchased an additional three outdoor digital signage screens to be located on the four corners of the building.

What provides an outdoor digital signage screen solution?

One of the most common questions we are asked is what actually constitutes an outdoor digital signage screen? Usually these LCD commercial grade screens are the higher nit factor to combat the bright outdoor sunlight, these are available from 1000 nits to 3500 nits, however the higher the nit, the more expensive the solution becomes.

The second part but the outdoor digital signage screen is some type of media player, this can be a very basic standalone unit that is updated manually or they can be networked silicon be updated using the Internet. These come with various features such as scheduling software so that certain ads can be selected and play at a set time of the day.

However for very hostile environments, when the hardware is open to the elements and outdoor digital signage housing is required, as these provide the hardware with all the protection needed from the aggressive weather conditions and the hardware is kept in a safe and secure environment.

What are the options and projected costs for outdoor digital signage screens?

The options available that an advertiser may have to consider the following:

  • What brightness the screens need to be when they are being viewed in bright daylight?
  • What position the screens will be in horizontal or vertical?
  • Is a screen going to be mounted directly to the wall or from the ceiling?
  • No frequent content updates? If so the Network Media player is recommended.


These outdoor digital signage screens were cost-effective yet practical solution for outdoor advertising for any modern company.

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