Outdoor Digital signage For Any Cash Strapped Business

By | June 4, 2010

Outdoor digital signage is not a black art, we will try to dispel any myths, so that anyone can create an outdoor digital signage solution for a very minimal investment.

One thing that puts businesses off advertising is the unknown, “what if?” now what if you installed an outdoor digital signage solution that was seen by an most of the towns folk, for example if you are in Massachusetts near Lenox or Lee and you have a stock of “Magic Ice”, then for some freak of nature snow comes in January, yes sure the snow clearing contractors do their job and clears the roads, but what about side walks and car parks and the un-treated roads, like Rattlesnake Pass?

Informing passers by that you have this stock will make them think and will result in them calling in and buying your stock, thus increasing your sales for this product. Now not used just for novelty items, you can also advertise anything as well as provide advertising for adjacent businesses or stores, charging them to advertise on your hardware.

So how do I do it?

  1. First you need a good spot near the road, you might even have some parking bays that get little use, here you can dig a hole 18” deep, then concrete a 4” x 4” steel post into the ground making sure it is level.
  2. Secondly, you can weld a plate that is 27 ½” wide x 20” high onto the post this is what you will mount the hardware from.
  3. Third, purchase an outdoor LCD enclosure, this is a special outdoor case for the TV and provides both cooling and heating for a year round solution that is thermostatically controlled.
  4. Fourth, purchase a low cost LCD or plasma TV from Wal-mart or Target an install the TV into the LCD enclosure, then cable the TV up to mains and cable back to your store with Category 5 data cable to a computer.
  5. Fifth, now create your content on your local computer and upload it to the screen through the computer cable.

Or, you could purchase an LCD advertising screen that has the media player built in and all you need to do is drag the content to the memory card on your computer and then insert the card into the screen’s secure compartment, then lock the LCD enclosure and your advertising screen can be controlled through the remote control of the advertising screen, to select the dwell time (the length of time a particular image or video is displayed for).

An LCD advertising screen up to 40” would cost less than a thousand bucks, but imagine if you pulled in an extra 50 customers over a week and they all spent over $20, you will have turned over $1000, don’t forget the extra revenue from your neighbours ads, this will certainly pay for the all the hardware and installation costs to get this set up.

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